Davids RV-7

This site is to document the build of my home built airplane a Vans Aircraft RV-7.  The aircraft is single engine, 2 place all aluminum construction low wing design can achieve a top speed of 217 mph or cruise just under 190 mph on less than 10 gallons an hour.  The plane is constructed in 4 different stages all purchased as their own separate kits.  The construction begins with the empennage consisting of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers as well as the elevators and rudder.  The wings will follow shortly after which will lead into the fuselage kit.  This third kit will be the basic fuselage structure from the firewall back to the tailwheel however the engine mount/landing gear will not be installed until the finishing kit comes along.  With the Finishing Kit the canopy, engine, instrument panel and interior will all be installed.  I’m sure this will be the most challenging yet rewarding project I have undertaken so make sure you keep checking back to see how the progress is going.


Current Status Photo:


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